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me and my band, hey lush are looking for a drummer. we play emo/singer-songwriterish type stuff.
you can contact me at eat_thispoem@hotmail.com if you or anyone you know are interested. <3

Is Anyone Interested...

Hey. My name is Jewel. My friend and I are looking to try and get a band started, everyone is welcome. preferrably 15-19. We're looking for another guitarist(lead) and vocals. Some info on my friend and I : I play the guitar, my friend plays bass. My friend and I are both girls and we can sing abit. We both have a wide range of influences. AFI, Avengend sevenfold, atreyu, death by stereo, poison the well, closet monster, HIM, bleeding through, funeral for a friend, manson, From autumn to ashes, Eighteen Visions, Just to name a few. If your interested let me now, that would be aweesome. E-mail me at Flipthetable@hotmail.com or just leave a comment. THanks.
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Ok, I should also use the community to it's full capacity. I'm half looking for serious band members and half wanting to do what I've done all my life, which is make a friend and write a song with him/her/them, and that's that. Eventually I'll want to do shows and stuff too, though, I guess. Whatever, if you're interested in either, message me up. I'm very Death Cabby and Matt Goody. A little Belle and Sebby. Some Snow Patrol, alot of Gomez. Maybe some Sigur Ros. Mah, it's such a rubbish anyways. Interested, get ahold of me, and together we will conquer the universe. Cellists will be made love to instantly
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So, Hi. Hopefully this community gets used often and such. I've been looking for a band to join/form for quite a while. Influences: Johnny Cash, Tomahawk, Nine Inch Nails, Gordon Downie, Metric, Broken Social Scene, Peter Gabriel, Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead. . I'm looking to be a vocalist type thing, but don't have many well-recorded reference points because I haven't recorded anything new in ages. I do have basement space to practice in, and am looking for harder edged type things to do, but am into trying out any kind of musical venture.

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Contact me at aqua_swing@yahoo.com
MSN: aqua_swing@msn.com

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